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Dragon Fruit Peach, Flavor Fountain

Dragon Fruit Peach, Flavor Fountain

Product Code: 1738-0500

Dragon Fruit Peach Flavor Fountain easily flavors homemade ice cream, smoothies & diet drinks.

Flavor Fountain is a unique line of ready-to-use gourmet flavorings specially created for home-made ice-cream makers, shakes and smoothies. Flavor Fountain flavors can also be used for baking and are similar in strength to LorAnn's Bakery Emulsions. 

Quick and Easy: Start with any standard 1-quart vanilla ice cream, shake or smoothie recipe and add 1 tablespoon Flavor Fountain along with your other ingredients. 

Suitable for flavoring diet and nutritional drinks. Add Flavor Fountain to any standard vanilla-flavored drink for a delicious change of taste. 

Economical: Each 1.7 ounce bottle flavors and colors 3 quarts of ice cream or 10 shakes. 

Kosher certified
Water soluble
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This kit contains:
  • CAP- 18-415 WHT PP W / HS LINER (x 1)
  • LABEL - 1.7OZ GENERIC ICF (x 1)
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Nathan Champine From United States Pennsylvania
Soda Syrup
April 21, 2018
I used this when I was making a new soda syrup. I made a Dragon-fruit Peach Green tea. I can use the syrup one of three ways. As a soda, or as a hot or iced tea. I wanted to re-create the Dragon-fruit Mango tea that Brisk made.
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