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Pumpkin Spice, Bakery Emulsion 4 oz.

Product Code: 0789-0800

Use LorAnn's Pumpkin Spice Emulsion in baked goods, frostings, and even beverages for delicious pumpkin pie-spiced flavor. Skip the dried pumpkin pie spice in your recipes and substitute pumpkin spice emulsion for more robust flavor!

1 teaspoon baking extract = 1 teaspoon emulsion

4 oz. & 16 oz. sizes packaged in BPA free, recyclable PET plastic bottles.

Water-based • Gluten-free • Kosher • Soluble in water 

Pumpkin Spice Bakery Emulsion
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Code Size Price Quantity
0789-0800 4 ounce
  • $5.95
0789-1000 16 ounce
  • $18.00
Delicious added to pancake and waffle batter or even to warm maple syrup.  Stir in some pumpkin spice emulsion to whipped cream or store-bought caramel sauce.

Try one of these recipes:

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies

Pumpkin Roll

DIY Microwave Coffee Latte
LorAnn's Bakery Emulsions are water-based alternatives to bakingextracts.  They have all the flavor of an extract, without all thealcohol!
Use in place of an extract in all your recipes for robust flavor that won't bake-out when exposed to heat.

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Happy Customer From United States
Perfect Pumpkin Spice Flavor
February 22, 2018
This emulsion is my new go-to! I use it in waffles, coffee, and frosting. This flavor reminds me of everything that I love about autumn.

LorAnn's Response: Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are glad you have found so many ways to enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Emulsion.
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