Hard Candy

Hard Candy Recipe

Learn How to make hard candy & lollipops!  

Want a quicker version?  Make candy in less than 10 minutes with our Microwave Hard Candy Recipe.

Icicle Candy

Large Batch Hard Candy and Lollipops

This recipe uses two 1-dram bottles or 2 teaspoons of super strength flavoring.

Lollipop Hearts

Perfect for Valentine's Day, weddings or anytime you want to say, "I love you".

Maple Candy Apples

This recipe is courtesy of Heather Baird who is the author of the beautifully illustrated blog: Sprinkle Bakes

Microwave Hard Candy

This quick-cook method is perfect for making small batches of hard candy or lollipops.

Mustache & Lips Lollipop Cut-Outs

Pencil Pops - Lollipops on a Pencil

These are darling, and so easy-to-make!  Coordinate the lollipop shape with a pencil design for any holiday or special occasion - shamrocks, snowmen, footballs, baseballs....

Popcorn & Candy Blizzard

Peppermint candy is nice for the holidays, but other flavors of candy, such as blueberry, black cherry, cinnamon, and horchata are terrific anytime!

Salted Caramel Hard Candy

LorAnn Oils | Salted Caramel Hard Candy Recipe