Christmas Red Gel Food Color 1 / 2 oz.

Product Code: 1210-0400

Christmas Red Gel Food Coloring is ideal for use in a wide variety of cream-based baked goods, candies, cookie dough, cream cheese, frostings, marzipan and whipped toppings. 

LorAnn's Christmas Red gel color has an orange-red tone as compared to the Ruby Red gel color.

Gel colors can generally be used interchangeably with LorAnn liquid colorings.  Tip: Add gel color using a toothpick. To prevent contamination, always use a fresh toothpick each time color is added.

Kosher certified
Concentrated Color
Water Soluble
Code Size Price Quantity
1210-0400 1/2 ounce
  • $2.25
1210-1000 20 ounce
  • $35.00
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