Cookie Dough, Flavor Fountain

Cookie Dough, Flavor Fountain

Product Code: 1736-1125

Don’t want to heat up your kitchen to make a batch of cookies? Try Cookie Dough Flavor Fountain in your favorite chocolate or vanilla ice cream base. Add a handful of chocolate chips for a Toll House cookie treat.

Suggested Starting Usage Levels: 
• 1 oz. to 1 gallon of ice cream or yogurt base 
• 1/8 oz. (1 tsp.) per 16 oz. of shake or smoothie 
• 1/8 oz. (1 tsp.) for use with single-serve flavoring systems 

Kosher certified  •  Gluten-free  •  Water soluble

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Flavoring
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This kit contains:
  • CAP-38 / 400 WHT DROP LOCK (x 1)


Easy Flavored Ice Cream

Rich and Creamy Ice Cream Base

For more information on how much flavoring to use, please see our  Suggested Usage Table. 

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LorAnn's Flavor Fountain brand flavors are specially formulated for use with soft-serve yogurt, ice creams, sherbets, hard ice cream and all frozen dairy desserts. Also ideal for flavoring diet and protein shakes. These flavors are complete with color and are suitable for low-sugar and low-fat preparations. Can also be used as a flavor for baking and frostings. 
Average Rating:
(Based on 2 vote(s))
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ParkPlace From Mississippi
Not bad, but not right
September 6, 2019
I had high hopes for this one but after receiving it and trying it I am not impressed. It’s almost like a brownie batter stead of cookie and something is still not quite right with it. Can not recommend this flavor.

LorAnn's Response: Hi, ParkPlace! We are sorry to hear you didn't enjoy our Cookie Dough flavor. We have noticed that a few flavors, Cookie Dough included, benefit from inclusions like cookie dough bits. Luckily we offer so many different flavors, we are sure you will find something you enjoy.
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GREG VINEYARD From United States Texas
Not cookie dough
June 6, 2017
Has a very "Chemical" flavor no matter how much you use, even in very small amounts you do not get the "Dough" flavor you would expect and nothing like a cookie at all.

LorAnn Response: We are sorry you didn’t enjoy the cookie Dough flavor. It makes a wonderful base flavor for a cookie dough ice cream, but it is definitely more recognizable when you can add inclusions of real cookie dough to the finished ice cream. Following up on your comment, we reviewed current formulation and tested it on a variety of people (both young and old). While it may be tough to get that raw cookie dough flavor to come through, it was well liked by all.
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