Customer Testimonials

"LorAnn Oils make my products taste exactly like the description and better. My customers cannot believe how perfect my products taste is. I love LorAnn! Please never stop making your amazing products!" - Carla Lovett 

"This year I had my 85th birthday, and decided to celebrate by thanking some of the companies whose products have added quality and pleasure to my life these past years.  You are among the first on my list. I love to cook and am an amateur chef.  I belong to a club of like-minded senior ladies.... We know we can always count on the quality of your products.  Several of our secret recipes have as their basis one of your offerings....As someone who worked in the business world for over 50 years, I know and appreciate the effort it has taken for you to first, envisage, and then to quietly and consistently work to provide products as delicious as those you have created."
~ Joy Gault

"I have been using LorAnn Oils for a long time. They never disappoint and the flavors are so delicious in goodies. My cakes, fudges, frostings, heck really any and all goodies turn out delicious because of these flavorings/oils. Thank you LorAnn for such wonderful products."
~ Deb Zurlo Whitman

"I have been using LorAnn Oils for almost 20 years.  I believe they offer the best quality there is and their service is above and beyond."
~ Kathy Roseman Barefoot

"I love, love, love these oils/flavors. You can never go wrong with this product. The best flavors ever made. Thank you. Thank you, thank you."
~ Nadine N.

"I've been using LorAnn oils in candy, frosting, cakes and cookies since I was a child. I will never use another brand because I'm very satisfied with their products. The amount of flavors they have now is mind boggling!"
~ Ericha H.

"The LorAnn emulsions & vanillas are far superior to any other flavorings I have ever used! I know for a fact, my baked goods wouldn't be as fantastic without them!! Thank you LorAnn!! Customer for life!!"
~ Julie Tenlen
The Sweet Life Cakes and Cookies

" I have been in business for 30 years and I owe the success of this to your flavoring oils"
~ Brad
Owner, The Corn Popper

"You have a wonderful company - such great customer service and products to boot!"
~ Megan
Bird in the Hand Candy Co.

“We have been ordering from you exclusively for over a year now. We use your natural oils to flavor our raw pure honey that we sell at local farmer markets. We selected your oils from several others due to the fabulous flavor. The strawberry was the indicator for me. I could taste the seeds of the strawberries! Our sales doubled when we started to share flavored honey with our customers....!”
~ Maggie Marich
A Bee C Honey of Wisconsin

"These are, by far, the best flavorings I have ever used... I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks for these wonderful products!"
~ Angela J.

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I love using your flavoring oils. Whenever I can, I bake...and I like to try new flavor combinations using the oils to flavor frosting, candies and cookies, and when I do they are a huge hit!"
~ Danielle

"I just made some homemade "maple" syrup yesterday and used your maple oil…Your maple flavor made that syrup taste SO close to the real thing, I may start making homemade ALL the time! Thank you for making such an awesome product!"
~ C. Scott

"Buffalo Baking Co. LOVES your emulsions!!!! Pumpkin Spice is a new flavor for our decorated cutout cookies this fall.....delish!!! Thank you!"
~ Patti
Buffalo Baking Co.

"I love this site. Last year I went online and to my amazement there were all these flavors, molds and all the supplies you could ever need. Love it. I'm back this year because of my satisfaction from ordering last year."
~ Gloria H.

"The reason I am writing this is because I just had yet another awesome experience in my kitchen making candy have grade A+ prime products that can make anyone happy."
~ Kristi A.

"I love using LorAnn Oils for my baking/candy needs! A huge selection of flavors, and a lot of great supplies. And the prices are very affordable, too."
~ Debbie M.

"Sparkling Wine flavoring helps me make the BEST truffles"
~ Lisa

"My sister sent me a bottle of your peanut butter flavor.  Made my husband cookies this morning.  I have to admit they taste better than usual.  Just adding your flavor gave the cookies a better peanut butter flavor."
~ A Happy Baker - Maureen H.

"I have been using LorAnn Oils for almost 20 years. I believe they offer the best quality there is and their service is above and beyond."
~ Kathy R.