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Lip Balm Tubes .15 oz., with Caps (12 pack)

Product Code: 8027-0000

.15 oz. white plastic lip balm tubes with caps.  Package of 12
Code Size Price Quantity
8027-0000 each
  • $7.75

Lip Balm Flavoring Tips:  Customers have found that our Super-Strength flavors work well in some lip balm/gloss recipes, but not in other recipes.  The composition of the base seems to affect how well a particular flavor stays in suspension without floating to the top.  We recommend testing a flavor in a small sample of your recipe to determine suitability.  Also, please be aware Cinnamon Oil can be a skin irritant and the following citrus essential oils are photosensitizing (can cause skin to be sensitive to the sun/UV light):  Lime Oil, Lemon Oil, Bergamot, Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil. 

Lip Balm Coloring Option: Inexpensive lipstick works best. To color your lip balm, slice off a small amount of the lipstick and stir into melted lip balm mixture, then add your flavoring and pour into containers.

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