Hexagon Break-Up Sheet Mold

Hexagon Break-Up Sheet Mold

Product Code: 5542-0000

Hexagon Candies Break-Up Sheet Mold

One of our most popular candy molds!  Each all-purpose mold makes dozens of gorgeous candies.

• Ideal for hard candy and chocolates
• Durable & reusable
• Tempered for high heat

8" x10" sheet size
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John Friend From United States
Great product
January 14, 2019
When using this product, you want to spoon the hot candy in to the molds; the first time using this mold I poured the candy into the molds, went to crack the pieces into gems and cut my thumb on the sharp corners, spooning the candy into the molds didn't over flow the molds which you can.
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Dana From United States
maple candies
December 12, 2018
I volunteer with a local school district's 4th grade maple syrup program. My job is to make a treat for 200+ students and these hexagon "jewel" shapes were PERFECT for it! The syrup was at the hard ball (crack?) stage when poured into the mold and the mold held up perfectly. I'm ordering more!
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Joel Sutton From United States, Iowa
Edges Curl
November 2, 2018
I love the concept of individual pieces all uniform in shape and size. Unfortunately, when I poured the hot sugar, the edges of the mold started to curl up. Not a lot, but enough that the cavities around the edge didn’t fill completely and the ones in the center overfilled. Not stiff enough.

LorAnn's Response: Hi, Joel! When pouring the candy into the breakup molds, we recommend working from side to side rather than pouring the candy into the center on the mold and letting the sugar spread into the outer cavities. This way, the mold will adjust to the temperature change more evenly and you won't experience the curling. This is demonstrated in our hard candy and lollipop video. Check it out!
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