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Hard Candy Molds

Hard Candy Molds

Making gorgeous lollipops and shaped piece candy is a snap with our impressive collection of affordable hard candy molds.

  • Durable plastic hard candy molds are specially designed to withstand the high temperatures of candy making.   
  • Each mold is re-usable and tempered for high heat - just what you need for making batch after batch of delicious hard candy. 
  • Easy-to-use sheet molds will make multiple lollipops or shaped piece candies and are flexible enough that finished candy pops out with just a twist. 

To purchase lollipop sticks, pencil pop toppers (for lollipops that will fit on the end of a pencil!), packaging bags, twist ties and other candy making accessories, visit our Supplies page.

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Pencil Pops 25 pack
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Pencil Pops 500 pack
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