Isomalt (Granular) 1 lb.

Product Code: 2235-1000

A reduced calorie sugar substitute (made from beet sugar) in crystal form for hard candy, confections and baked goods. About half as sweet as sugar with only 2 calories per gram.

Pure Isomalt is used extensively by chefs and sugar artists for crafting decorative sugar-art pieces and garnishment accents. As opposed to regular sugar, Isomalt stays flexible for a longer period of time, has a high resistance to humidity and will not crystallize, resulting in a clearer finished product with a longer shelf life.

As pure Isomalt is half as sweet as sugar, LorAnn's Sugar Free Hard Candy Mix, which is a blend of Isomalt and Splenda, may be a tastier option for making candy intended for consumption.

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Kosher certified
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2235-1000 1 pound
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2235-5000 5 pound
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