Chai Tea Shortbread Cookies

Chai Tea Shortbread Cookies

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Buttery shortbread cookies are flavored with our Chai Tea super-strength flavor and topped with a drizzle of white chocolate.  YUM!  This recipe was created by Marcella from the food and lifestyle blog:  Hey Modest Marce.

Follow this link to view the Chai Tea Shortbread recipe on her blog

Marcella says, "These cookies taste and smell like everything you love about fall. to get a very strong chai tea flavour I used Lorann Oils' amazing new chai tea flavouring! A little goes a long way as it is VERY concentrated. it has a blend of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon & vanilla. a.k.a the cozy flavours that make up fall! these will warm you from the inside out. while I thought cookies would be the perfect place to start with the chai tea flavouring, I think frosting will have to be next! Chai tea latte buttercream anyone?!

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