Hi-Sweet Powdered Corn Syrup 1 lb.

Product Code: 6045-1000

Hi-Sweet is a powdered corn syrup that replaces liquid corn syrups such as Karo™ brand.  Hi-Sweet helps to keep hard candy from getting sticky in humid weather.  

New and improved with a finer consistency to reduce graining.

Click here to view the recipe for making hard candy with Hi-Sweet

Kosher Certified
Recipe included

Hi-Sweet Powdered Corn Syrup
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Code Size Price Quantity
6045-1000 1 pound
  • $3.50
6045-5000 5 pound
  • $16.00
Average Rating:
(Based on 4 vote(s))
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Barbara Sobotka From United States Ohio
Fabulous Product
December 8, 2017
This product is fabulous. No mess dealing with sticky corn syrup. Recipe provided cooks more quickly Shelf life of candy lasts 6 months or more. No need to use powdered sugar to prevent sticking. Used 3yrs.
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Robin From United States
Florida Candy Makers!
September 23, 2017
Humid climates are a challenge for candy makers. I found this while searching for recipes for herbal lozenges. I used Loann Oil for flavor and color. The result is amazing, no stickiness... Great flavor and smooth texture. This product is a great find!
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