International Inquiries


If you have an international business and would like to inquire about purchasing directly from LorAnn Oils, please download and complete the International Business Verification Form (PDF). You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the document. Email the completed form to  Inquiries will be forwarded to our International Sales Manager, Ryan Roberts 

International Orders

Our website does not accommodate international orders and we do not ship direct to consumers outside of the United States. LorAnn does have a growing number of International Retailers and Distributors and we recommend that home consumers consult the list of international distributors below. International Retailers and Distributors who are interested in carrying LorAnn products should first consult the International Wholesaler Information Q & A section below.

International Consumer Questions:

As an international consumer, can I place orders directly with LorAnn Oils?
No. At this time we do not accept international credit cards and all orders are shipped within the United States only.

Is there an International Distributor or Retailer in my country/region?
For a list of international distributors, please click on the links below.

PDF of International Retailers and Distributors

You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print the document.

International Wholesaler/Business Questions:

Does LorAnn have international distributors?
We have several companies that carry our products internationally. By contacting one of our distributors you may be able to save on shipping costs, duties and taxes. See link above for a PDF list of international distributors and resellers.

Can I Purchase Direct from LorAnn?
LorAnn Oils regularly ships to qualified international businesses throughout the world, including Retailers, Distributors and other Manufacturers who utilize our flavors and other specialty ingredients.

Guidelines for International Wholesale Orders: 

  1. Generally, orders should be at least USD $750.00. 
  2. Wholesale buyers need to be somewhat familiar with international freight shipping.  LorAnn has several options for shipping orders.  
  3. If the order contains products considered hazardous for international shipping, LorAnn Oils must arrange all shipping.  There will be extra costs for special packing and documentation.  Hazardous items are marked with a small airplane symbol in our printed catalogs.
  4. Orders are prepaid by bank wire transfer.  We do not accept credit cards for payment.  
  5. Buyer is responsible for all tariffs, taxes, custom clearance fees, port costs, VAT or any unknown fees.
  6.  A proforma (PF) invoice will be drafted. It will contain product with costs, shipping arrangements, freight costs, a list of documents required and any special instructions.  The PF will be emailed to buyer for confirmation; adjustments or corrections can be made at this time.  A commercial invoice (based on the PF) will be the final invoice document.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I arrange my own freight?
Yes, LorAnn will work with your freight forwarder or consolidator for pick up at our Lansing, Michigan location. In addition we will ship to your U.S. based consolidator.

Can LorAnn Oils arrange freight?
Yes, we can arrange freight door to door, door to port or FOB to any port in the U.S. We are experienced at both air freight and ocean freight. 

What if I want to purchase items classified as hazardous?
LorAnn sells items that are classified as hazardous Class III shipping. These items are marked by an airplane symbol in their item description. Hazardous items can be sent by airfreight or ocean freight, however, these items need to be specially packed and require special documentation. There will be extra costs for special packing and documentation.  Contact for more information.

Can I pay with a credit card or Paypal for my order?
LorAnn Oils does not accept credit card or Paypal payment for international orders. All orders are pre-paid by bank wire transfer (TT). Most banks can arrange this transaction. Contact for payment instructions.

Can I have my order shipped delivered duty paid (DDP)?
We do not ship delivered duty paid. International sales are made based on the buyer being responsible for all tariffs, taxes, customs clearance fees, port cost, VAT or any unknown fees.

How do I place an international order?
The LorAnn Oils website is unable to accept international orders. International orders can be place via an email to