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Tart and Sour, 1 oz.

Product Code: 6035-0550

Make Your Fruit Flavors Pop!  Beware....this product packs serious pucker power!
Tart and Sour is a unique flavor enhancer that adds zest to candies and baked goods. Designed to be used in conjunction with other flavors.

Add Tart & Sour to your hard candy syrup during the cooking process at the same time flavoring is added.  
  • Add 1 teaspoon per 1 lb. batch of hard candy to enhance flavors. 
  • Add 1 Tablespoon per 1 lb. batch of hard candy to create sour flavors. 
Other uses:
  • Add to candy centers, taffies & marzipan Add to jams, jellies & fruit toppings. 
  • Add to slushies or powdered fruit drinks for a unique sour taste. 
  • Combine with coarse sugar and use to top fruit muffins or scones. 
  • Add to fruit pies and cakes for a subtle zing.
Kosher certified

**To order 5 gallon containers or larger, call Customer Care for accurate shipping costs at (800) 862-8620 or (517) 882-0215. We are always happy to help!

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Code Size Price Quantity
6035-0550 1 ounce
  • $2.50
6035-1000 16 ounce
  • $12.25
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(Based on 7 vote(s))
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mizchero From United States
Love it!
December 22, 2020
I've only used it on hard candy and suckers. It does add deeper flavor even on the rootbeer flavor. My grandkids love it best when I add a Tablespoon making it sour! Definitely must use it! Soooo good!
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Creative Cook From PA
Perfect, I love it!
July 22, 2020
I use a few drops of Tart and Sour to my vodka and seltzer or tonic water to balance out the bitterness and it works great!
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SUZANNE BELL From Woodstock, Illinois
An Absolute Must for Every Kitchen!
March 17, 2019
This is an awesome & powerful product & extremely well priced. A very small amt will enhance fruit flavors i.e. Jello, Kool Aid, fruit juices, pie fillings, fruit sauces, candies, even soda pop, but be careful, a little goes a long way (I use a 5ml dropper.) Caution, will curdle recipes with milk.
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