Angel Food French Toast
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Angel Food French Toast

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This heavenly recipe was created by Michele Sweeney, award-winning baker, designer, product developer, teacher, and owner of Epicurean Delights. Check out her website to watch her how-to video. 

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1 Loaf Angel Food Cake
3 Eggs
1/8 cup Fresh Orange Juice
1/8 cup Heavy Cream
3 tsp LorAnn Vanilla Bean Paste
1 tsp Saigon Cinnamon
Butter for skillet
Fresh Strawberries
Whipping Cream


  1. Mix eggs, OJ, heavy cream, vanilla bean paste, and Saigon cinnamon together in a large shallow dish. 
  2. Cut Angel Food cake into thick slices. 
  3. Heat heavy skillet (medium heat) and a tablespoon of butter. 
  4. Coat several pieces of the angel food cake in egg mixture, only coating enough pieces that will fit in your pan at one time. Otherwise, the pieces will get soggy as they wait to be cooked. 
  5. Cook each side until golden brown. 
  6. Add whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Enjoy!

  • Add any type of fresh fruit to make it seasonal
  • Marinate the strawberries overnight in a little Grand Marnier and fresh mint for drunken strawberries. 

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